We provide you with EFFECTIVE EVALUATION AND RESEARCH services.

Too many times, the research and evaluation reports that are generated for clients are essentially unusable. We work differently.  We work with you to co-identify the questions that, when explored, will provide answers that will inform you about how and why your program is effective. We then design sophisticated evaluation plans that help you answer those questions. And importantly, we present findings in ways that are immediately accessible and digestible, using multimedia, social media, and any other venue that is appropriate for your audience.  Of course, this is only useful if you are also able to disseminate those products. So we also help you develop and implement a strategic communications plan to ensure that the results of this work end up in your audience’s hands.

Let us help you uncover and broadcast your impact

We highly recommend that you begin monitoring activities at program inception and continue these data collection activities throughout program evolution.  But we know that this isn't always feasible and can be daunting, so we don't attempt to apply a one-size-fits-all approach.  We can help you think through program evaluation at the moment of program creation and walk with you as the program evolves, or come in at the tail-end and help you identify ways to correct course or assess impact.  

We will work with you to:

  • Plan for evaluation from program inception to program completion

  • Surface appropriate actionable evaluation questions

  • Develop a theory of change and logic model

  • Develop evaluative rubrics

  • Design and lead full-scale mixed-methods research and evaluation projects

  • Design and conduct needs assessments

  • Design, conduct and analyze focus groups, interviews, case studies, and surveys

  • Conduct statistical analyses to assess impact

  • Codify strategic direction

  • Build staff and stakeholder capacity in research and evaluation

  • Design and facilitate team and community meetings

  • Design and train staff on databases and data collection systems to track program data

  • Build stakeholder buy-in

  • Create strategic communication plans to ensure that your audiences are aware of the results

  • Summarize and present results to stakeholders in innovative, digestible, and usable formats