Recent Work Samples

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Breakfast in the classroom VIDEOS

A 7-video series summarizing the known research on the National School Breakfast Program, conceptualized, written and co- produced by Holly Carmichael Djang, of Cogent Evaluation. The series was designed to summarize the data on the effect of the program, and address an on-the-ground need of practitioners to better understand the related research. She also developed a strategic and comprehensive communication plan to ensure that the right people were aware of the series and would disseminate it.


An important contribution to the literature on the Breakfast in the Classroom program. Very little published literature existed on this program, prior to this study and publication. Ms. Djang, of Cogent Evaluation, designed and led this qualitative study to understand how students, parents, and school personnel perceive the effectiveness of the program. The goal of this study was to add to the body of literature and use the perceptions of these key stakeholders in program improvement efforts.

School Food initiative, orfalea foundation

A peer-reviewed journal article produced to present Ms. Djang and Team’s findings on the effect of the Orfalea Foundation’s School Food Initiative. This article presents the methods as well as the high-level findings. We chose to produce a peer-reviewed publication for this project specifically to add to the scant literature base and reach academics and researchers interested in expanding on the literature.


A summary report of the findings of a pilot program designed to improve older adults’ knowledge, attitudes, and behaviors about using prescription drugs. Ms. Djang and her team designed and implemented this evaluation. We chose to produce a statistics-laden report specifically because the audience for this report was internal program staff who were interested in the data itself. Still, we felt it was important to display the data in a way that the program staff could easily interpret, rather than in traditional data tables.

school food initiative, orfalea foundation

An executive summary that presents the methods and high-level findings of Ms. Djang and Team’s evaluation of the School Food Initiative. This executive summary was produced specifically to introduce programmatic lessons learned and program impacts to other organizations and school districts interested in building or expanding similar programs.


Early Childhood Education Initiative, The Orfalea Foundation

An executive summary and a full report summarizing a large-scale qualitative study on the effectiveness of an early childhood education initiative. Ms. Djang and her team designed and implemented this evaluation. We chose to produce a graphically-designed detailed report specifically because the client had a very diverse audience. Many of its audience bases were interested in the specific findings rather than general statements of impact. We produced the executive summary to speak specifically to audiences only interested in learning about the big-picture findings.